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Some funny stickmen Vs the world, Boi and his wacky friends take on some other wack-ass villians, edgyness n shit, cool action n stuff...stickmen.
we also indulge in the drawing of classic newgrounds characters n shit.
Shitposting? We do that too.


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BoiandFriends's News

Posted by BoiandFriends - 2 days ago

Battle For Whogivesafucksville TEASER thingy by BoiandFriends on Newgrounds

checky wecky this rad shit out!

Rad teaser! Teaser!!! Woooo!!!!!!!


Posted by BoiandFriends - 8 days ago

Hey yall, update

First main comic is ALMOSSSSTTTT done, like, really, very close.

No filler art for now, tis the spooky season, which means boi and the gang are busy fueling themselves up on sugary treats and tricks (brandy is playing madness: project nexus)

so yea, theres an update...and uuuhhhh yea.


Posted by BoiandFriends - 2 weeks ago

Delays for the first comic and origin storys

why? madness: project nexus and life.

mostly nexus tho.

dw tho they'll be good when they release, i got some wips i might share soon

Posted by BoiandFriends - 1 month ago

Posted by BoiandFriends - 1 month ago

Hey Boi! This is your landlord here, uhm, neighbors are complaining about some weird light coming from the sky..not sure if this is your doing, or one of your friends...they also saw someone in a helmet? Maybe tell your friends or whoever it is to tone down the cos-play, isint that what you kids call it? Anyway, if you could deal with that, that would be great! Msg me back with any complaints if needed.

~ With much appreciation, Landlord

Posted by BoiandFriends - September 17th, 2021

tis needs one more vote and itll be ranked! itll be the first in the profiles history, so if youd like to, help out and vote! Be honest tho

Posted by BoiandFriends - September 17th, 2021

So it appears something called the..."Z.O." has appeared somewhere within this Newgrounds page

Idfk what the hell a.. Z.O. is but whatever it is, its got some ties to Malware, yknow, the guy with the fucked up face working for Him.

Anyway, this archive contains something cryptic, a field report...or something like that.

Im not a expert in stuff like this, thats Andys job so if you have any questions, ask him.

Oh! Also, Him is planning to attack the city, we should get ready for that



Posted by BoiandFriends - September 7th, 2021

Cant spoil, but comic one is getting closer and closer

origins still on the way ofc

Posted by BoiandFriends - August 29th, 2021

Hey, HEY YOU! by BoiandFriends on Newgrounds

as of writing this, the post linked above reached "69" views, a first for Boiandfriends

why celebrate? 69.

why did a newgrounds supporter ad get 69 views? idk.

anyway go vote that shit up, whether its good or bad, give feedback.




Posted by BoiandFriends - August 25th, 2021

Randy: Origins by BoiandFriends on Newgrounds check it out here!

Become a fan n follow n shit for updates on art, shitposts, and more!